Sunday, December 03, 2006

HISTORY AND TRENDS: What they promise?---Death? Desolation??

The following 3 posts are intended for retrospection but not against any race, sect, religion or philosophy. Also if there are any copyright issues regarding the usage of photos please email me at

Western culture(rather, World Culture)- Extreme freedom leading to alcohol,sex and substance(drugs) abuses. Almost anything, everything is abused- now it has become the world culture.....Counter it! save the youth, save yourselves..... SPARE THE ROD SPOIL THE CHILD. CULTURAL FREEDOM in the making of juvenile and young CRIMINALS- its a plague spread all over the world today


Nessie said...

Wrong. Its lack of education. It's misunderstanding. It's believing your way is the centre of the circle.

unique speck said...

I'd like to remain uneducated. Thnx
There is no mention of my belief that my(our) way is the centre of the circle.